To uncover how to Move Through Uncertainty, we’ll look at what uncertainty feels like, looks like, and is caused by.

Uncertainty Is Caused By…Shifting Circumstances

As you navigate your days into weeks, weeks into months, and even months into years, circumstance agility is a must. You have to be careful with always looking at your current scenario as the barometer for effective execution. Depending on your paradigm you could mislead yourself. Do you believe that an uncomfortable circumstance should be avoided at all costs? Or do you believe that circumstances of comfort affirm that you’re always going in the right direction? The shifting of circumstance can cause great uncertainty while en route to bringing into reality your entrepreneurial venture. Therefore, having personal agility with changing scenarios throughout the life of your venture is paramount to staying steady no matter what happens.

Uncertainty Feels Like…You Don’t Have Control

It feels like you are clinching your fist to hold on but what’s in your hand still slips out. It feels like not having your mind made up and as a result being stuck. It feels like fear of the unknown or of failure. It feels like the pressures that surround you demanding of you and from you what you do not have.

Moving Through Uncertainty Comes From….Vision

Uncertainty is a negative opposite to vision. With uncertainty, you aren’t clear, you feel limited, and your execution becomes stagnate. With vision, you see clearly, you feel unlimited in what’s possible, and your execution is inspired. In order to continue to move forward through uncertainty, you must lay hold of your vision continually. The vision will always motivate you whether the circumstance is favorable or not. It might be depressing to think this but you can’t avoid uncertainty in your journey.

Uncertainty is a necessary experience in moving through continual stages of growth. Because of new business growth, you will get disoriented and a certain level of uncertainty will set in. However, each moment of uncertainty is another opportunity to strengthen your resolve once again and to commit to accomplishing your entrepreneurial opportunity.

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