At some point in your entrepreneurial journey you’ll have to decide that you are going all in. The Point Of No Return is about getting a sober glimpse of what you endeavor to do. Many times when we begin to act on a dream there is this initial euphoria almost like you’ve already accomplished it. And then at some point we come back to the ground from the clouds and realize we’ve only just started.

For some of us that happens right away. We literally have no other way to take care of our living expenses except that our new business generates enough revenue to get paid from. For others of us, it could happen at the point where in order to take the next step with the business we’re faced with the dilemma of cashing out our savings for more startup capital. And if you’re married and/or have children the sense of sacrifice only increases. So, what will you do?

When something is required of you that you are not ready to give, what will you do? When your stomach begins to turn in knots not from bad food but from worry, what will you do? As you honestly look into what needs to happen and what will be demanded of you day in and day out, what will you do? You’ll either choose to sacrifice in order to bring life to your dream or you’ll walk away, having counted it too costly.

The sacrificial check points along the journey won’t be easy. It will actually feel like a sacrifice. It’s at this point that true resolve is tested. You have to decide whether you are either going to move forward, whatever it takes, or in some way you are going to retreat. And if you turn back now you’ll be haunted by the truth of what was possible measured against what you settled for.

The entrepreneurial myth is that you can somehow make the journey easy without challenge, sacrifice & uncertainty. Just get enough money, create a 50 page plan and you’re golden. Not really. Most of the journey does not feel warm and fuzzy. It often feels uncomfortable to do what must be done.

Every worthwhile endeavor has within it a Point Of No Return.

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