You Need To Struggle To Develop

I know it doesn’t sound good but it’s true.

Before someone is strong they are weak. Physically, you must stress your muscles to the point of failure to grow stronger. Similarly, stress in launching a business reveals where you need to get stronger.

Run Toward, Not Away From

Treating difficulty the right way will bring the most value to you. It will also save you from wasting precious time. Think of it this way, everything that can be shaken will be shaken. The process of starting a business from nothing is difficult. The key to handling difficult tasks, circumstances and decisions is to run toward them, not away from them. If you’re focused on your development, you’ll better understand paying the price for it. If you back away every time it gets difficult, you won’t get very far into your entrepreneurial venture.

It’s counterintuitive to move toward discomfort. But when it involves the life of your business it’s almost always the right direction to go in.