It’s important to know what your work habits were last week. It’s also important to know what you’re planning for them to be next week. The most important data is not only how we executed today. Rather, it’s the trend between how we executed last week in connection with the execution of today. Seeing our trend of accomplishment will more closely reveal a decline or rise in productivity.

It’s very easy to take your foot off the gas. You made a sale. You were referred to an influential person. You got clarity with penetrating a new demographic. You think that because you took steps forward you can now relax a little. Nope. In sports, championship teams are made of those who have no mercy. When they’re ahead in a game they apply even more force.

As a leader, you must learn the discipline of applying yourself even when you are ahead. Focus on constantly trending up. It’s not good enough to have trended up from last week to this week. You must maintain your focus and discipline as a leader to trend up from this week to next.