Our 5 Fields Business Development System is intentionally tailored for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Home Based Business Owners and Network Marketers. The 5 Fields represent the universal areas of work that businesses need to execute in to see growth.

They are:

  • Field 1 MARKET

  • Field 2 MESSAGE

  • Field 3 MISSION

  • Field 4 MAGNET

  • Field 5 MULTIPLY

Often, leaders of startup-small sized business are squeezed for time leaving little opportunity to invest in strategy, management, employee development and coaching. Your business grows but not as much as it could. A system that streamlined comprehensive and structured strategy planning, task management and team development would make the difference. Our 5 Fields Business Development System is the solution you need. Our 5 Fields System will increase your capacity to strategize and manage your business as well as develop and coach your employees. Our unique advantage is that our system is simple for everyone to understand and practical for everyone to implement. No longer will new or small businesses get left behind. Learn how to implement a system that everyone could use bringing greater business growth.

  • STRATEGY PLANNING: Plan the process of where you want to take your business to next.

  • PRODUCTIVITY MANAGEMENT: Guide your month, week and day according to mission critical activities.

  • DEVELOPMENT & COACHING: Develop what you need in the most important areas of business growth. Uncover limitations through pre-designed coaching questions related to each field of business.


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