Coaching by Jordan is summed up in three words, Inspiration, Passion and Perseverance. Jordan’s personality and attitude that he brought to the coaching journey helped me to regain inspiration and passion for my company and he helped to keep moving to reach the desired goal. I highly recommend him as a business and life coach. […]

Focus On How You’re Trending

It’s important to know what your work habits were last week. It’s also important to know what you’re planning for them to be next week. The most important data is not only how we executed today. Rather, it’s the trend between how we executed last week in connection with the execution of today. Seeing our […]

How To Process Difficulty

You Need To Struggle To Develop I know it doesn’t sound good but it’s true. Before someone is strong they are weak. Physically, you must stress your muscles to the point of failure to grow stronger. Similarly, stress in launching a business reveals where you need to get stronger. Run Toward, Not Away From Treating […]

Recruiting Mentors

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two The value a Mentor can bring to you is immeasurable. Mentors help entrepreneurs uncover blind spots. Mentors call you out when you are falling short. Most importantly, Mentors share about their own entrepreneurial scars. If you can learn from others you’ll save time, money, and energy. Do you find […]

Point Of No Return

At some point in your entrepreneurial journey you’ll have to decide that you are going all in. The Point Of No Return is about getting a sober glimpse of what you endeavor to do. Many times when we begin to act on a dream there is this initial euphoria almost like you’ve already accomplished it. […]

Moving Through Uncertainty

To uncover how to Move Through Uncertainty, we’ll look at what uncertainty feels like, looks like, and is caused by. Uncertainty Is Caused By…Shifting Circumstances As you navigate your days into weeks, weeks into months, and even months into years, circumstance agility is a must. You have to be careful with always looking at your […]

See Your Future

Cost & Rewards In Seeing Your Future, it’s vitally important that you think about more than just yourself when it’s all said and done. Thinking about the cost and rewards for those you care about will produce within you a greater emotional commitment to continually choose to do the hard things associated with making your […]

See Your Present

From Cerebral To Real This is where the rubber meets the road. Where ideation changes form into implementation. But if your concept isn’t taking form to daily action then you need to pull over and get more specific about what it is that you actually want to accomplish. Assuming you are clear and specific about […]

See Your Past

So, how did you get here? Do you know? Are you able to trace the different defining moments that have brought you to your opportunity? The reason I ask is because you’ll need more than just a great concept on your side to push you over the edge. You need a type of providential buy-in. […]